Meet World’s Icon Of Enrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is an amazing venture!

Supposed you’re involved in a conversation about top Nigerian investors, who’d be your pick?

Well, that’s your puzzle to solve. As for me Adebayo Ogunlesi will be my nominee.

Adebayo Ogunlesi is that brilliant UK based Nigerian lawyer and investment banker, whowas born on the 20th of December 1953 into the family of Dr. Theophilus O. Ogunlesi, the first Nigerian professor of medicine. He hails from ogun state, Nigeria.

Adebayo is an alumnus of Lincoln College, Harvard Law and Business School. He is reputed to be married to Dr Amelia Quiet and they have two offspring.

His Career Journey…

He started as an advisor on a Nigerian gas project at 1st Boston and then proceeded to become the head of Global Energy Group.

In 2002, he became the Global Head of CSFB’s Investment Banking division.

Proceeding from thence, he started the Private Equity Firm and currently is the Chairman and Managing Partner. His firm acquired the Edinburgh Airport in 2012 and Nuovo Transport in February, 2018.

He has served in many banking, judicial and educational sectors, including notable foreign firms and is currently the chairman and managing partner, Global Infrastructural Partners (GIP).

In 2009, Ogunlesi marked one of his notable business breakthroughs by acquiring Gatwick airport, one of the most recognized airport in the world.

He bought the airport at a smash deal worth of £1.455 billion.

This remarkable achievement earned him the name “The man who bought Gatwick airport” from the Nigerian press industry.

Gatwick airport, fondly known as London Gatwick, is an international airport located near Crawely in west Sussex, southeast England, south of central London. Covering 45.5km (29.5 miles).


The Gatwick airport is located at United Kingdom, Southeast England and is 29.5 miles South of Central London. It is reputed to be second busiest airport by total passengers transported in the UK, after the Heathrow Airport in Europe.

Here’s the exciting gist!

As at 2016, it had 43,119,628 passengers and had 45,556,899 passengers just between 2018 and 2019.

The Gatwick airport has 115 gates, with an aircraft movement of 283,926 times. It’s reported that 46.1million people passed through this airport in 2018.

Nigerians have been reputed to be “The Resilient Breed ” and Adebayo’s steady rise to wealth, innovation and growth does justice to this saying.

The Global scale is experiencing a shift, and Nigerians are becoming a huge part of this.


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