Why Your Enterprise Isn’t Making Money

Why your enterprise isn’t making money is part of 50 shades of 21st century enterprising which are profound crazy tidbits of stuffs you’ll need to know, do or have to enable you sail in the infinite ocean of entrepreneurship in the 21st century.

We began this series in two previous posts.

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The unique feature of these Shades is in their unorthodoxy. They are wisdoms, arsenals and strategies that you’ll need while treading your path as an entrepreneur. They are not basically part of the things you learn from Business School.

I believe you’ll get to learn those from certain entrepreneur’s masterclass and bootcamps. But this is a bit different. You don’t often get to hear about them.

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12. When your enterprise isn’t making money, it is basically either for one of these reasons:

1. You have a faulty SYSTEM.
The solution here is to demolish the entire system you build. Go back and learn the PEOPLE you intend to serve well enough first. Then come back and rebuild a new system based on what you have observed and learned.

2. You have the wrong PEOPLE in your system.
Everyone is not meant to be your customer. This is one essential fact most prospective entrepreneurs never get to understand.

Once the wrong group of people begins to find their way into your system, it begins to cost you. There’s only one solution here – retell your story and do it clearly.

(By the end of the Shades, you’ll get to learn more about the Art of Storytelling as an entrepreneur)

The wrong group of people will discover that the story didn’t include them, they will leave of their own accord.

13. “Work to learn. Don’t work for money,” Robert Kiyosaki.

In a certain StartUp event I attended, a particular speaker replied to someone’s question on how to raise capital to start one’s business, “those people you see working as sales girl, you don’t think they have their dreams in their minds too? Or those guys into okada biz? Find somewhere and work to earn some money.”

Well, that’s what a polished and educated speaker will say.

Certainty, everyone has got a dream. Even the poor people doing hawking business. But if you seek to build an enterprise, don’t ever think of a job to earn money. Let me tell ya:
“nobody saves money as an employee. When they do, they can’t take the risk of throwing it into some venture or business.”

Dreams, by the virtue of their nature, are effervescent. Salaries have catalytic properties that can turn them off into bubbles.

If you are meant to build an enterprise, if you seek to build an enterprise, the only reason you’re gonna handle any job is either to learn how to manage systems or how to lead people. If the job you’re into is not serving any of these purpose, you might as well quit it already.


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