Emerald Television Provides Easy Real Estate Business For Nigerian Youths

Akachi Nwoke

I bet you’ve heard a lot about people becoming billionaires through real estate business and has probably nursed interest, made research only to discover that it is hyper capital expensive, so you take your mind off. BOOM! There’s good news!

Before we dive down, let’s comprehend this hyper capital expensive business.

Real Estate Business is one of, if not the most profitable business in the world. There are two things involved in this lucrative business; you can either become an investor by purchasing real estate properties or becoming an agent. Either way, you’d never go broke.

Real Estate business involves buying, renting out or selling of properties such as land, homes, buildings and apartments for commercial or personal use.

To excel in real estate, you need to be properly equipped with adequate knowledge on how to identify good deals and taking productive actions immediately.

Emerald Television is a gospel music station that transforms lives. It has been on the voyage to live reformation through gospel music from 10th October, 2013 and has so far encountered success with Mr. Akachi Nwoke as her director.

Mr. Akachi Nwoke having explored the business world came up with the conclusion that real estate is profitable and pertinent for every youth to dive into, and therefore provides an easier means of land ownership under the umbrella of Emerald TV.

The platform permits interested people to purchase lands in Abia State by making instalments of N50, 000 monthly for 12 months or N100, 000 monthly for 12 months. In addition to this is a free land survey and power of attorney.

Nevertheless outright payment can be done within 3 months with 10% off.

This is an opportunity no youth should miss!

Contact address: 5/11 Nwogu street, Umungasi, Aba, Abia state.

Call 09031240631 and CLICK!


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