Emerald Television Currently Offering Free Promotion

Television  has proven itself a major asset for any marketing mix because it is one of the visual ultimate influencers in the world of advert. But has been tagged “just for the rich” because of the expensive cost of running ads on a TV station.

Imagine an executive officer offering the most lucrative aspect of his television business for free! Crazy right?

Hey! I know what’s on your mind, but read the piece below by Akachi Nwoke, the brain behind this free promotion.

“After I was turned down several years ago by a TV house in Port Harcourt, I decided I will setup a TV house not just for me, but for young people like me who are in search of platforms in a nation where our leaders are selfish and myopic to see the potential in every Youth.

It took a minute to make that decision, but it took six years to fulfil it.” – Akachi Nwoke, CEO Emerald Television

Emerald family announces to the whole world that airtime in Emerald TV is totally free from today (9/05/2019). This is to enable our young people promote their songs, books, businesses, schools, products, ideas, programs, etc using our platform. Emerald TV has an online and cable platform (showing on channel 24, MCL decoder).

Visibility is key in a world of more than 8 billion humans.

Meanwhile, Emerald TV will be sustained financially by donations from standard organisations and every day persons like us. We want to specially thank the people giving already and volunteering to make this work. You can become a financial partner by making a one time or monthly donation by calling us through 0808 247 4126.

Call 0808 247 4126 now and start sending in your adverts, songs, programs.

Amb. Akachi Nwoke.
Emerald TV.


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