Emerald International Church Now at VIP Hall Binez, Aba.

The society becomes productive on daily basis when the right principles and morals are taught in our religious homes. The set man, Mr. Akachi Nwoke, of Emerald International Church has seen to it that the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, mental and financial life of every member and leader under its covering keeps progressing.

This movement was formally situated at Crystal Park, Port Harcourt road, Aba but has currently moved to the heart of the city – VIP hall Binez, Umungasi, Aba.

Mr. Akachi Nwoke is currently running a financial program – City Fest, in Emerald International Church to equip its members on practical knowledge relating to wealth, money and finance.

This program spans all through the month of May, 2019

All Wednesdays by 5pm and Sundays by 2pm at VIP hall, Binez, Umungasi, Aba.

Call 09032868645 and CLICK


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