Emerald Free Education Currently With Boarding Facility

Akachi Nwoke

Millions of kids and teenagers roam the streets hawking or touting on daily basis like goats positioned as preys to lions, unable to explore the world of knowledge as anticipated.

This situation is found in all regions of Nigeria not because the children chose such fate but because nature shinned on them the wrong way as their parents are unable to sponsor their education for those who have parents while some others are without parents.

How do you feel at the sight of children hawking on major roads and are sometimes hit by fast moving vehicles? What drops on your mind at the sight of teenagers running after bus drivers for stipends as touts or snatching bags and purses from people along the streets?

These were the thoughts of a man with a large heart of gold – Mr. Akachi Nwoke, Director Emerald International Academy. Fortunately, the thoughts graduated into a vision currently a movement.

Emerald International Academy under the directorate of Mr. Akachi Nwoke, debunks the old saying that “If education is expensive, try ignorance” by providing free quality education for every child in Abia State from nursery to secondary level. This citadel of learning came into existence in 2nd April 2018 and has grown massively with maximum impact with over 3000 pupils and students.

Mr. Akachi Nwoke ensures all Emerald students are impacted with ICT knowledge, variety of skills such as making shoes, bags, and so on with African prints, soap and perfume production alongside other skills. Her students’ talents are discovered and harnessed judiciously. Emerald students are not just groomed to become giants in different fields but with noble character and moral standards.

Just last month, April 2019, the school decided to stretch its impact to children from other regions of the country by providing the most peculiar boarding facility with massive hostel space to accommodate thousands of students.

The best investment is investing in humanity. Join this massive project to end teenage crime rate, hawking and touting by becoming a partner or sponsor to ensure more kids benefit from this generosity.

This project has come to stay! Be part of it.

Location: Crystal Park, Port Harcourt road, Aba, Abia State, Nigeria.

Call  08162129027 or click


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