Abia, The Economic Hub Of Nigeria!

Economic hub is of course related to a space that houses lots of innovative business enterprises, creative production scaling up and Abia is no doubt Nigeria’s economic hub.

Abia State Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, in his visit to the Teenex Reality Show toured round the Teenex House especially the library room where the housemates do lots of research and engaged the housemates on pertinent subject matters.

Enjoy a ride down his discussion with the housemates…

The Governor in his discussion with the housemates noted that ‘using technology to solve problems is an innovation Abia as a state has embraced. We are working on Abia CPAMS, a huge data base for all Abians to solve insecurity problems.

Abia has one of the most fertile soil in the world. My mother was a nurse and also a farmer.  Through marketing, the Federal Government came and gave power to Ariaria. If you think hard, you can solve problems. My motivation everyday is to solve difficult problems.

economic hub

Everyone understands that behind every successful enterprise is science.
Science can modify Agriculture for productivity, like the process of producing palm oil. As the great demand is food sufficiency.

My area of research as a biochemist then was validation of food medicine.
Like Dogwoyaro, we can extract anti malaria medications from it. So we should focus on those developments scientifically.

For the first two years as governor, I wasn’t eating rice till we started producing rice at Bende local government. We started paying attention on some of our scientific research locally to see how to make it better.

Currently, we’re making plans for four (4) amazing model schools that would have Solar power driven laboratory amongst other things.

Going to the moon won’t make sense because it has already been done. What would make sense is using our natural plants for medication scientifically.

economic hub

Finally many scientists are poor and Nigerians don’t like being poor. Not until we begin to recognise those needs which I mentioned, things wouldn’t get better swiftly.

Abia would be one of the first states to break even in Nigeria. There’s no doubt about our efforts, just that there’s no patronage.

Regarding servitude…

Power was entrusted on me by the people for service. So my servitude is a choice I have to make carefully. I must love my people genuinely and must be willing to serve till my tenor expires.

As Transition committees chairman, I had a mind to change things for myself as a teacher and my students. My job as a lecturer in ESUT came as a promotion. At a point I got frustrated as a bio chemistry teacher, and that was when I got into politics.

Politics doesn’t teach you how to make money, but rather how to spend which is the surest way to poverty.

economic hub

Question: Did you think, you’ll become the governor?

No, I didn’t think of that, all I desired was to be a teacher. Those days as a teacher gave me the opportunity to touch lives and to speak to teenagers. I once restored a student’s self confidence into passing exams just by encouraging him and talking to him.

The best way to grow is to know a little bit of everthing, it gives you confidence. Don’t be completely blank in everything. Then the ones you know so well, develop it, demands can come from that angle.

It is cheaper to speak the truth than to tell a lie. In everything you do be truthful.
Honesty is a virtue everyone of you must have. I prepared myself by being honest, committed and diligent in the things I was doing then.

Next is commitment. When you have not worked for somebody, you’re not committed.
The currency with which you exchange commitment and education is to merge the two together.

Then you need to fear and reverence God. I am modelled like David. David did not see the strength of the philistians, all he saw was how big his God was.

There is no testimony without a test. ( Thus we have TEST-imony). This means that every assignment is an opportunity for you to scale. I have expressed faith in God to do the things I wish to do. I don’t care how I start most times, all I want is to start.

economic hub

Question: How did you discover yourself till you got to this point?

I discovered myself through trial and error though wouldn’t advice that to you. I was very adventurous trying everything with the mind of a scientist.

Don’t start as a teenager to run away from the process. Associate with kings and people of good aspirations.

Say no to cultism. As for my children, cultism is not the way to go. I have four children and none of them are cultists.

Question: How did you combine science and politics?

In those days we look at CGPA before allowing a student to go into politics so as not to affect your grades.

But let me warn you, most politicians are poor, most former governors are poor. These things don’t last forever. If I didn’t go through the streets, I wouldn’t have been where I am. This position is for service not for money.

Teens Time Exchange host remains Aunty Chi Chi Umeseaka.


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