Black Hair Shampoo

Looking for an opportunity on how to make hair conditioner from scratch such as shampoo? Don’t worry in this our tutorial on entrepreneur page today, we are going to show you Easy way to produce Hair shampoo from scratch, the basis on how to go about the production

We are also going to list the chemicals just like we have been doing on most of our previous tutorials such as how to produce odour neutralizer , How to produce liquid soap, how to produce disinfectant such as izal and a host of others.

We shall not be mentioning the functions of each chemical on this post because the chemicals used here have already been defined in our previous article, so just click on any of the above link to get the function of each listed bellow on How to make hair Conditioner From Scratch (Shampoo).

Materials and quantity needed

Park-R – Half cup
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate – Half cup
Sulphunic acid – Half bottle
Light ash – 1/8 bottle
Industrial starch -A pinch
Texapon – 1/8 bottle
Formalin – 1/8 bottle
Perfume – 2-3 short
Color – To your taste
Water – 6 Liters

Procedure how to make hair conditioner from scratch (shampoo)

Please follow these steps bellow gradually to ensure a better result on easy way to produce Hair shampoo.

1. Soak the Park-R with SLS in about 1 liter of water for 24 hours.
2. Dissolve the light ash in another container in about 1 liter of water ( in the day of production) stir it very well
3. Also pour the sulphunic acid and Texapon in another bowl and stir very well.
4. Pour the dissolve light ash inside the bowl and stir very well too.
5. Pour whole solution into the dissolved Park-R and SLS and stir very well.
6. Now pinch of industrial starch and stir
7. Add the formalin and stir.
8. Add your color to your tast and stir.
9. Add more water if neccessary and stir.
10. Finally, add perfume for a nice fragrance.

Wow!! we are almost done….Leave the solution to settle and you have a very nice long lasting best shampoo you can ever think of.
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