Does In-house Content Creation Worth The Stress?

Whether you have been trying to produce content in-house or have been outsourcing for years, chances are, you may feel like your content isn’t really getting you anywhere.

As a full fledged Content Creator, I hear from prospects struggling with content production on a daily basis. Most commonly, if a prospect is producing content in-house, I often hear, there’s never enough time to dedicate to producing quality content or they don’t know the right content creators to hire.

If a prospect has been outsourcing their content, I often hear complaints of timeline delays or outsourced writers simply not understanding the intricacies of their business or worse, their customers.

As a Content Manager who works and has worked exclusively with lots of organisations and individuals, I can tell you from experience, that outsourcing content isn’t a great long-term strategy.


Only an insider would know your industry, product, and services best. You are experts at what you do. The topics that would be written about should come from your organisation’s daily conversations with prospects and customers; these are not things an outsider could truly know or understand. By outsourcing content, you are sacrificing the validity and quality of your work.

Think about it.

If you in-source content, you can ensure that your content is a true reflection of your expertise and quality. The content owner would be part of your industry/business and learn it. They would have built rapport with subject matter experts in house, so that they can interview those employees and produce meaningful content.

If you’re outsourcing, chances are, that writer isn’t part of your industry day-to-day, leaving a major knowledge gap. While they can still produce quality content, it will never be as good as it can be from a value perspective. Nothing tops a first-hand or inside account.

Brand Consistency

Another challenge with outsourcing is brand consistency. Unless you have a writer that knows the intricacies of your brand or a template that clearly defines your organisation’s tone and voice, your brand identity is at risk.

Keeping content in house will help ensure that all content is spoken in the same language. Let’s say you want to write about an edgy topic. Something that could generate a lot of buzz around a controversial question in the sales process.

As a thought leader, why would you leave provocative insights to the interpretation of an outsider? You’re opening the door to possible misinterpretation by allowing someone external to speak on your behalf.

You can surely find a great content manager with amazing qualities. This content manager will not only write content, but own and manage all content, subject matter expert interviews, ensure tone and branding guidelines are met and most importantly, produce better quality content!

If you’re reading this and you’re still on the fence of who should own content creation, please read this informative article. We discussed not only the value of keeping content creation in-house, but also the critical nature behind having one person dedicated to managing content.


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