Back in school, I can honestly say that I would not be able to survive without online shopping.
Fortunately, I’m in a generation where almost everything can be bought online!
With so many shopping choices out there, however, how can you as a marketer make sure you are giving them what they want and keep them coming back for more?

Having surveyed over 1,000 online shoppers from Nigeria, UK and US to find out what they want from their online shopping experience.
Curious if your want made the list? Let’s take a look and find out.

Do Online Shoppers Want Personalization?
Many would argue that our lives today are too public.
We share photos, stories, videos, and so much more over social media. We get very personal with people we may not even know.
So, it is no surprise that online consumers want a personalized shopping experience from brands we feel like we know.
In fact, 63% of all consumers expect that brands will have up to date information on their preferences across all channels.
The ironic part here is that 59% of these same consumers are not comfortable with websites tracking their behavior. In a post-GDPR world, 82% of consumers have become more aware of protecting their online privacy.
Interested in the latest on GDPR?
Check out this article!
The Beginning
All online purchases have a starting point.
What drove this particular consumer to make this particular purchase on this particular day?
The study shows that search is the clear leader here with 51% of all consumers saying their online purchase was driven by it.
Email also proved its worth with 17% of the audience saying a brand email drove them to make a purchase.
Referrals followed close behind with 9% of the consumers saying they made a purchase based on a friend’s recommendation.
So, You Have Site Traffic, Now What?
Once a consumer lands on your website, there are some simple things you can do to help guarantee a purchase:
Website usability : Make sure your website provides an easy and seamless experience.
Special offers: This can include something like free shipping or 10% off your first order.
Customer reviews: Users love to know that there are other satisfied customers so make sure they know that.
What if they don’t make a purchase? What are the most common reasons for cart abandonment?
Shipping charges are too high
The consumer wants to do more price comparison
Simply browsing but not ready to buy
A long checkout process
Negative reviews
Once a consumer converts you want them to come back and buy again.
You can help lock this in by gaining their trust, providing a great delivery and return policy, great website usability, positive reviews, and offering some kind of loyalty program.
There are so many features that you can and should include on an eCommerce website to make the usability experience a great one.
Are you ready to give your online shoppers what they want? Go for it!


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