Digital Week Aba Transforming The Tech Ecosystem

Digital Week Aba is a week filled event with amazing activities and experts sharing insights on diverse fields.

There were amazing taining session’s on Python, Graphics design and many more

Excerpts from our Speakers:

Python is an easy programming language used in creating AI agents. It can also be used for Android development. -Celestine Okoronkwo. A Python developer and AI expert.

Highlights from section: Python for non-coders, workshop on introduction to Python, installation of Python, number operation in Python.

Graphics is about people’s imagination, what they think. To me, if I can imagine I can design. – Eze Chidiebere. A graphic designer.

Interview session with participants:

Emmanuel Oluebube
Python programming
came across alot of posts online and this one caught me”.

How do you see the training?

It’s really good, if people who don’t have idea of technology attends this training, he will be filled with so much hunger for technology. The trainers are really good.

Whats the good news?

We the recent trend in Technology, I’ve been looking for a Tech Training that will suit my schedule and digital week is just perfect. Now I will have something to say about Technology”

Daniel Nwoke
Graphics design.

Do you have any idea of graphics before now?

Yes! I want to refresh.

How did you hear about digital week Aba?

I follow Ashpot on social media so I saw the post on all their social media handles, firstly on Twitter.

How has it been?

It’s been interesting, I’ve learnt a couple of things from today’s workshop section. The knowledge that is been given here when it comes to Technology is really great.

What’s the good news?

Ashpot has transformed me greatly. It sparked my desire for IT.

This is just the second day with mind blowing reviews. Stay on this space till the end of Digital Week Aba.


  1. Great content wish my name Okonkwo Celestine wasn’t mistaken for Okoronkwo Celestine. Hope we will talk more about Python programming and it’s applications someday.


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