Digital investment

Digital investment in the last ten years have come to light with the development of emerging marketing technologies, which have helped marketers understand their target audience

As we head into the new decade for a few days, I feel that the time is very fast as my technology has grown. The same can be said about consumer interest, which is rapidly changing and making it more difficult to predict manually.

Knowing this, the last half of the year has gone by seeing improvements in marketing technology, which has helped marketers understand their target audience and help them reach their peach.

There was a time when artificial intelligence, sound search engine optimization, and data-driven marketing were considered ambitious and new concepts. Today is a top priority for most digital marketers and brands, and will continue to be a dominant market in 2020. After all, for brands to stay relevant, they need to adapt to the ever-expanding digital marketplace.

Below are five trends to consider in investing your time and resources in order to succeed in the coming year.

Digital investment

User Experience (UX) as digital investment master key

Since 2010, my ever-growing use of smartphones and mobile apps has grown my marketing through these platforms. Marketers need to be aware that with technology and technology development, user experience is ultimately essential to brand success. Therefore, one must pay attention to UX design, including the use of senses such as touch, view, and voice.

In addition, UX is becoming more important as it relates to search engine optimization. As the major browsers strive to produce the best results for their users, they take on every feature of their search results – site content, user experience, mobile friendly and more. Thus, marketers need to focus more on promoting UX.

Minimalism, a digital investment vehicle

Digital marketing and advertising have seen major changes over the past decade, with the inclusion of digital platforms. With changes in customer values ​​and the growing media landscape, traditional promotion methods have become less effective. There is a new approach to solving this challenge, with minimalism finding success.

Digital investment

The minimalist concept is based on the idea of ​​’more or less,’ but this does not mean that it reduces effort or thought to create a message. However, more attention needs to be paid to each minute in detail, in order to make the desired impact. Minimalist advertising relies heavily on visual elements, with no artificial copy made. This kind of advertising has nothing to do with the plethora of content promotion information being launched, acting as a balm in the minds of customers.

Generation Content (GC)

Consumers are weary of brand messages, and prefer to listen to their peers when making decisions. As a result, about 60 percent of consumers think UGC is more authentic and reliable, making it an important way for brands to explore when it comes to promoting. Some of the most common UGC activities that brands can use include reviews, ratings, testimonials, influencer posts and social media videos.

AR / VR Marketing

Experience is important today, first, when engaging with customers. Consumers are growing more than the traditional content of the brand and this has enabled marketers to explore new avenues, integrate technology and innovate in marketing campaigns.

Digital investment

One of the breakthrough innovations in advertising is the use of virtual reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology to provide brand promotion activities. With the use of AR, users can, through the convenience of their phone camera, be able to see how a particular location is, or how to be established, without labor. In addition, with VR, consumers can be physically transported to a replicated environment, due to their product-like taste. As other brands from various industries have developed their techniques to reach consumers effectively.

In addition to the above, chatbots – which already mark the digital interface – along with 360-degree video, and the human-centered ORM will be dominant in marketing in the coming years. Along with this, customized voice search dashboards, open-ended posts and ads and visual search functionality will put your marketing practices to a new level of success. After all, customers are king, and these are just some of the hopes that brands need to survive, to survive, in today’s competitive marketplace.


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