With Ighub Developers and netpreneurs fellowship,  the dream of becoming a tech Developer and Netpreneur is real!

Looking forward to be a part of a community of tech experts who will pioneer the next global movement? Then this is for you!

Grab a cup of cool water as you read up amazing facts that will link you up to this community.

The utmost desire of a group of brilliant minds over a long period of time has been to build a vibrant tech ecosystem.

Developers and netpreneurs fellowship

Having discovered the need for young people to be aware of the changing tides in the economy; having being bared to the stark reality that school curriculum lacks the essentials which young people need to be world changers, these group of brilliant minds came up with an idea that will, for so many years to come, supplement that which our school curriculum lacks.

An idea that will ensure the fine-breeding of so many youths for generations to come! This idea has metamorphosed into a community, and it’s none other than the Innovation Growth Hub.


Innovation Growth Hub, popularly known as IGHub, came into existence in the year 2015. And you wouldn’t quite believe where it all began. Well, I’ll tell you. This beautiful seed bore its first fruit right here, in the city of Aba!

Amazing, isn’t it?

It might interest you to know that IGHub hosted and organized her first startup weekend called ‘startup weekend Abia’, at Aba and it was the first of its kind in their region. IGHub decided to take the movement further to the vibrant city of Umuahia, the capital city of Abia state and the program was tagged ‘Startup Weekend Abia’, 2016.
Permit me to drop another bombshell: Startup Weekend Abia was the only startup weekend event held in Nigeria that year! Remember that this community was built out of the desire to see growth in the tech ecosystem and that has been the focus.

Developers and netpreneurs fellowship

The startup weekends have further reiterated the fact that there are several talented people doing amazing stuff, especially in the south-east region, but there is no room for connection and well-rounded growth.
For us to be able to attain success, there has to be a platform for youths to come together and collaborate, share resources and maximise individual potentials. These are the goals of Innovation Growth Hub and has been its driving force since it came into existence.

So many a youth have gladly testified of the positive impact IGHub has made in their lives and it’s safe to say that Innovation Growth Hub is an answer to the prayers of many.

The CEO of IGHub, Daniel Chinagozi, has put a smile on the faces of many with the wonderful work he and his teammates are doing.

IGHub is located at 62 Asa Road by Ehi road, Aba, Abia state.

Developers and netpreneurs fellowship

Developers and Netpreneurs Fellowship

Still driven by the desire to do more, Innovation Growth Hub is about to begin another round of training for netpreneurs and developers. Both males and females are accepted, but the major interest is females.

Surprising, isn’t it?


Well, gone is the era of the obsolete belief that women’s education ended in the kitchen. Now, women are being empowered to take over the world. IGHub has opened a platform called IGHub developers and netpreneurs fellowship 3.0, where you will be groomed to become a master digital skills expert.
You can choose to be a:
-mobile developer that builds mobile apps
-front end developer that builds websites
-backend developer that builds software
-digital marketer that makes money online
-UI/UX designer that designs products and interfaces

The great thing about this opportunity is that you get to undergo these trainings at no cost at all. It is absolutely free, courtesy of PIND. All that is needed is your full time participation and a laptop.

The training will be holding physically in Aba and it’s a huge opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss. Training duration is 3 months plus another 3 months of internship and job placement.

For that much needed opportunity to learn from experts and the age-long desire to get mentorship in everything tech. Register Now!

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