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What did you hear about technology trends? How equipped are you to move with the train?

Here’s a thing to know.

Everyone in the creative industry can testify about their experience with technology. To this note, we present to you the most impactful tech event ever; DEVCHAT.

DevChat is designed to be a value packed event filled with insights from some of the best developers in the south-east. The event is packaged to deliver to participants practical guidelines on becoming more productive as a developer and to grow a career from beginner level to Professional level, gained from years of experience, extensive research and a first-hand knowledge of what actually works as opposed to what is in vogue.

DevChat  Aba

This is particularly useful for those who are starting up a career as a developer and find themselves struggling to keep up with the sea of info, latest innovations and new frameworks cropping up everywhere.

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DevChat takes it a little further than that. Showing insights from around the world as to the amazing inventions and innovations of younger and sometimes less experienced programmers, the event is designed to inspire even experienced developers to take up innovation and start creating.

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Finally, DevChat finds its strength in giving participants the platform to ask practical questions. Complications that are stopping young people in this part of the world from truly growing and becoming a master in their fields. Open source innovations that can change the way things are done, or introduce new ways of going about things. Entrepreneurial aspects of development, app scalability etc.

Are you ready?

We are ready to take you by your hand and groom into the developer you are meant to be.

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