Customer feedback

I know what you’re thinking “My team is great and they create great products and provide great service to our customers. We know this is true, so why do we need feedback?”

Grab a drink, let’s chat!

Well, I like to break it down, but teams that develop, sell and manage products can never figure out how to meet consumers.

They know what they intend to use and how they think it will be used, but that’s not always accurate.

It arises when the filmmaker thinks it is a great movie, but critics and audiences absolutely hate it.

Your customers are the ones who basically have your products or service. Mistakes and shortcomings are experienced first-hand in real-world conditions.

Customer feedback

This will help you focus your improvement efforts on ensuring that your customer experience is enhanced.

Collecting this reach has not been important in addressing these issues, but according to Microsoft’s 2017 Global Customer Service Report, “77% of customers have a cheaper view of the brands that ask for and support customer feedback. And 68% of customers have a better view compared to proactive customer service notifications or contact brands. “

People love brands that take their opinion seriously. You feel like a customer, a product or service that really offers the brand.

This is a big problem for businesses, if they are not willing to seek customer feedback, and it is a bigger problem for consumers, if companies do not take action.

Okay, so feedback is important, but how can I get the feeling people want to give?

Glad you asked …

Customer feedback

Here are 8 efficient and intelligent ways to gather customer feedback

live chat

In Snapchat and all things instant, live chat is a great way to see how your customer is feeling in the moment.

Online survey

These surveys are usually live on your site and include feedback from visitors and customers. These surveys are usually on the long side of 15-20 questions.

Suggestions buttons

Feedback can also be very simple. For example, using face-to-face buttons when exploring your site is a fast and incredibly effective way to research visitors, prospects and customers to gather feedback about the experience you are creating. You have recently seen an example of this life outside the airport bathrooms.

Offer an incentive

Do people go to the polls? Give an incentive to those who exchange time for feedback.

Customer feedback

Follow-up emails

You’ve probably received some electronic monitoring in the past after entering customer service or going to other types. It is great when a support card is closed or service is provided, you will receive a survey via email.

Follow social media channels

Good or bad, people love sharing their experiences on social media. Searching your name or products on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, among others, is a great way to gather feedback from active customers and respond in real time!

Request a post-purchase

After shopping, it is easy (or even pleasant!) To ask your customers if they can do business with you and find a problem in your shopping flow.

Customer feedback

Customer interviews

This is a personal favorite of them all – thank your customers! You will find that most customers are ready to give feedback. Really a revolutionary idea.

Customer interviews allow you to tap into details of any issues, concerns, or frictions, and get a full picture of the situation in more depth than the written survey.


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