A business pitch is presentation to stimulate peoples interest over a brand or  ideology in order to win interest, partnership, investment or any other goal of your specific desire.

Pertinent Aspect of your Business Pitch Presentation

  • Attitude of your presentation. {Mannerism, gestures, greetings, language}
  • The content of your slides
  • Content of your pitch deck – power point presentation
  • The expected attitude of your target audience, like the psychology of your investor.

This is how to get Started

  • Minimize your write-ups make it simple because you are your pitch not the slide. The slide is a quick deck to what you’re saying. Let your story sell while you and your slide tells your story.
  • Sometimes suspense is the best thing you create in your pitch.
  • Present a pain or problem.
  • Provide Sources.
  • Tell them a story to connect with your business at intervals.
  • Proffer your solution.
  • Tell them how the solution would work.
  • Your consumer.
  • Your strength SWOT {strength, weakness, opportunity and threat}
  • Target market and market potential with source.
  • Tell them your next step
  • Perfect positioning
  • Financials
  • Funding requirement
  • Implementation strategy
  • Growth and scaling plan
  • Your team

Godson Ogumka


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