This is something about the pure side of a new month that I find interesting and phenomenal.

Grab a drink, let’s chat!

There are 31 days of new options.

So many questions that I should ask myself are so overwhelming, that I find it difficult to get started.

Maybe that’s why I was attracted to content marketing industry.

We have several templates, guides, spreadsheets that we’re looking for in Google, which makes this first step easier.

So, in that spirit, I wanted to put together a helpful plan for all foreign traders.

As the head of Desire Blog content consultancy team, they often ask me where to start. What is the first step in creating a successful content marketing plan?

I don’t want to just take the first step; I will help you create a marketing plan that will complement the content of your most important B2B marketing plans:

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Home ownership

This is the first one, hands down, because it matters most in the tech world.

Here at Desire Blog, the relationship between agencies and clients has broken

These are the days when you would have to pay for third-party content writing for your business (and expect good results).

Think about it for a second.

Are you immersed in your industry as people who are paying for content strategy and writing? Do they know the experience you have? Do they know your future negotiations?

ncluding content will be the most important move you can make with your content marketing. But what does insourcing content really mean?

Well, content culture is building within the organization, and team members are writing content.

Nobody knows your business just like you. By writing your content at home (having it, if you will), you will create more meaningful resources for the future and customers.

In addition, you will build confidence. The secret sauce for successful relationships. When someone sees your face in an article or a video, it feels like they will know you before you meet the person.

Readers have the opportunity to learn your thoughts and vision and hear your voice.

Content marketing

Everyone at Desire blog
contributes to our content and each article, podcast, video, etc. gives a little insight into our team identity.

You will see us read about personal passages about our work or life, lessons we learned, industry trends we are excited about, stories that truly situate our expertise, and more.

How strong will it be for your future to be in a relationship with you before becoming a customer and working with you?

Sales focus

Okay, so you’re on your way to bringing content home.

That couldn’t mean that the sales team, the most precious, most driven revenue-driven team, should be involved, right?


Nothing will be more involved than engaging your sales team in the content making process.

The sales team knows firsthand what solutions they require, what their pain points are, what they would be successful at, and so on. No one in your company will have the same vision for your sales team.

Become a Powerhouse Content Production Company!

What I do recommend, however, it is that you are implementing the process of constantly recognizing sales throughout your content strategy process.

Start by asking each vendor what their top 10-20 questions are during their process.

Bonus points can be obtained from individual vendors to create and publish content on their behalf.

Why? When you get that result about your product or service, they will already have an idea of ​​who they will talk to, as the initial conversations will be much more personal and have a greater effect.

Content marketing

Editorial calendar

Make sure you swim with your ideas.

This is where you need to capture those points and get more granular to create your own editorial calendar.

The editorial calendar is a resource planning tool that provides a comprehensive plan of what you have and when to produce it. It can be used to plan blog articles, videos, podcasts, and more.

Aside from the traditional articles you need to specify in the editorial calendar, the type of content, a targeted keyword, a call-to-action, a prominent snippet plan, you need to include two things to ensure that you publish in a regular cadence. responsible for your team:

Review this calendar every month. All right. Not the yearly calendar, nor the quarterly calendar, nor the monthly calendar.


To really move the needle with content and drive results, you should aim to produce 2-3 pieces of content per week.

This probability will be much more than usual. Breaking down once a month will help make it less susceptible and easier to manage.

I always recommend keeping track of issues at all times, however, you can create them next month from scratch.

Defined writing style guide

One element that is often overlooked by the team is the content marketing style guide. Many content consultants I work with have told me they feel like it’s a tiring or a waste of work; they strive to see value.

Then, a few months later, they tell me how much time I spend editing content.

When I ask why, usually every person has their own writing style and the content manager needs to edit the work of colleagues to add to the brand’s voice, tone and style.

Do yourself a favor and don’t forget to step in: Make a content marketing style guide.

Web & Interactive Content Director Liz Moorehead explains, “A content style guide is a documented set of guidelines and guidelines that break your brand identity, and how it appears (and is not expressed through your content).”

Those who help will help give directions and save you so much time and energy.

Not realizing your company’s keys and not, you can include best practices within the style guide, such as writing a killer introduction or conclusion, examples of great content, structural tips, and more.

Customer-oriented content

Now, what are the best topics you should write about? From now on, when the sales team talks to the future, you may have some questions, but it can feel overwhelming trying to get started.

Which question should you answer first?

Follow the law of Wall. What are 20% of the products or services you sell that generate 80% of your revenue?

Inquire, they fall within the philosophy of Answer. By embracing this, you can be the most trusted voice in your industry because it is focused on creating what customers want.

No one wants to read or consume content because it will help them in some way. We are selfish; It is inherent quality, but it is also something that you can use to your advantage.

If a customer has a problem, they want to find a solution.

Write an article about how to dive into and solve your problem. Be helpful.

Focus on the reader and create content that will be your primary goal.

Over time, deep trust will build, and when they are ready to buy, you and your company will remember.

1.1 Videos

Project managers send videos to our developers to reveal something that was going on at the client’s site, now that technology has got the lead.

I also curved video using tools like Zoom and Vidyard to fit my daily life.

Demand Generation Manager Myriah Anderson explained, “1: 1 videos are personalized video messages that are targeted to a single person. Look for an email or an email to send to someone, but only in video format.”

We quickly started improving internal communication and started seeing customer calls more efficiently because we were all able to communicate effectively and in a timely manner.

We knew the power video and started using 1: 1 videos to update content and updates in our sales process, from automatic response emails, to booking a consultation appointment after email meetings.

By including the word “video” in the message line, the opening rate can be improved by 7%.

By using a 1: 1 video, you can put your name on the face and show the real person! And direct your recipient directly.

Learning Center

Once you have produced great content, you will have so much information on your site that finding something specific can be difficult.

Have you ever thought “Hey, I know I wrote about this topic a long time ago, I need to look up the article.”

What do you do?

If you like most people, you will probably do one of two things:

Google was the subject of your business name + article

Go to your CMS portal and search the topic of the article in the blog or message section

Not only will this be a practical process for your in-house team, but trying to navigate the content on your site will not do anything.

Instead, create an interactive learning center.

The Learning Center is a place where you can find the most popular or relevant content on your site and organize how to filter and sort topics to make it easier for you or your visitors to find the specific content you want to consume.

The learning center will become the start of content for you, your team and all your visitors.

Videos to drive revenue

Now I think we agree that video is important, but for all fans of statistics: 82% of internet consumers will have videos by 2022

Users spend 88% more time on websites with videos
81% of companies use video in their marketing strategy, 63% more than last year

But just because the video is popular doesn’t mean you’re creating old videos.

Just like written content, you want your video content to be as valuable as possible and can help drive the results of your business.

So what kind of videos will affect your bottom line?

80% of videos: These videos answer the most frequently asked questions in your future

Some of our clients who have applied these videos have increased conversions from 80% to 250%.

Google algorithms are constantly changing and I’ve seen too many people fall into over-analyzing keywords and researching hundreds of terms they want to rank for too much time, to improve additional organic levels (if any).

Now, I’m not saying don’t try to do keyword research. Don’t obsess over it until it becomes so much of an obstacle.

The biggest thing we know from a SEO perspective is that you want Google to write naturally.

Instead of trying to categorize everything, you should try to create content that is central to the topic (getting started). This is what you want to be known for and the search engines will help you establish your website as a ranking authority for this particular topic.

Creating column content (single column pages and their themed cluster pages) has proven to be the most successful way to increase your organic rankings.

What is the column page?

It is the head of a high-volume keyword search targeting a specific keyword cluster. “

Say, for example, you are a managed computer services company. You will probably rank well for “managed IT services”.

To do this, you want to write a whole “column” of content that is immersed in the main topics related to managed computing services, such as: what is managed IT, how much does it cost to handle IT, managed IT services vs. internal solutions, and so on.

We’ve gone over how to write a column page before, so I won’t go here, but check out these resources because this topic is very complex and often confused.

Content marketing

Content promotion strategy

Gaining organic traffic from content efforts is often the sole purpose of companies, but you never want to create, publish, and sit your content alone.

You want to do everything you can to increase the visibility of your site’s content once. Otherwise, your boss will start hearing that this “content marketing thing” is no joke

Create a really attractive newsletter (forget about cookie cutter and boring newsletters) and feature your recently published pieces.

Join Facebook with community groups and share when your content becomes a valuable and relevant member question or post.

Get paid for your content through paid social search that can help you drive traffic to your quality piece.

You never want to be passive when it comes to looking at your content.

How to measure results

Over time, you can adjust your content and let your team know if your efforts are successful.

To do this, you will need to keep track of the data being analyzed.

You will see what works but also what works, so that you can change your content marketing plan.

Your next steps

Keep that in mind when you start creating this year’s B2B content marketing plan, but remember the most important thing is to create content that someone wants to care about and read.

It is simple (and it is), but that does not mean that it is easy for all other marketers to do it already.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed or frustrated with what to do next or where to start, think about your client and what he’s doing. What are they fighting for? What are they mixed up with? What would make life easier or better?

And then write.


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