Clintonel Innovation Centre Pioneers A Technology Revolution In Aba

Clintonel Innovation Centre (CIC) is Nigeria’s first Makerspace and Hardware Business Incubator. The world is growing speedily technologically and Aba is fast joining the innovative trend.

CIC is a solar powered STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Centre, Makerspace and Hardware Business Incubator in Aba.

A makerspace is a place in which people with common interests, mostly in computing or technology, can in unison work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge. So CIC creates such space.

CIC provides training, mentoring and equipment for young people to create different products and businesses.

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Clintonel has reached 51 schools with 583 students, trained 108 young people and developed 30 new products.

Clintonel usually organise skill up Abia Project bi-annually to train 90 youths which includes 40 females aimed at incubating 30 new businesses and generating 90 new jobs. The training project includes:

  • Computer aided design
  • Computer aided manufacturing
  • Solar Panel / Inverter installation and Maintenance
  • Entrepreneurship

CIC offers the following services:

Product design. CIC helps customers transform their ideas into 3 dimensional models (digital prototypes) through Computer Aided Design.

3D Printing (Prototype development). CIC giant Rapid Prototype Machine (3D printer) transforms computer images (drawings) into real physical products. We convert 3D models (digital prototypes) into physical prototypes.

STEM Excursion. CIC introduces young people early to the latest technologies in the world spurring interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) career

Trianing. CIC equips young people with skills for innovation, technology development, career excellence and job creation.

Technology Incubation. CIC provides guidance and support to inventors / innovators helping them develop their ideas into market-ready products.

Makerspace. CIC provides space and facilities for inventors / makers to build great inventions and products.

Contact CIC if you have need for any of the services offered.

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Office Address:
7 Factory road, Aba
Abia State, Nigeria
Phone: +234 813 900 8074



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