TECNO Mobile tops the list in the smart phone network as they continuously provide record breaking smartphones that continue to stand the test of time and influence the technological landscape.

The brand dominates the feature phone sales in Nigeria, which can be credited to its vast knowledge of the African smartphone market space, alongside the company’s strong productive output, presence, availability, distribution network, and a variety of affordable feature phones, that targets the low and middle – income consumers in Nigeria.
The relevance of TECNO brand products can also be traced to the fact that the brand provides users with devices that come equipped with amazingly good batteries and performance output.

The company has carved a niche for itself by creating a vast variety of smartphones to meet the needs and standards of the diverse income segments of the growing population in and around Africa.
Nonetheless, one of the reasons the TECNO and itel brands take the lead could also be a result of the availability and affordability for the average Nigerian consumer, which drives sales and markets within the smartphone sphere.
In terms of price competition in the stiff Nigerian smartphone market, the influx of Chinese manufacturers and domestic players has led strong competition. With the Chinese firms offering cheaper smartphones with premium quality for different segments of the society, particularly low and middle – income consumers, within the society.
It is no longer news that the smartphone giant launched another camera centric duo device from its Camon series, the TECNO Camon 11 and 11 Pro.

The Camon 11 comes with a new level of seamless user experience, clear selfie because of the smart phone’s AI assisted feature.
TECNO mobile is no stranger to integrating stunning cameras into their devices and is also known to set the pace when it comes to technological advancements in the Africa smartphone space.

The CAMON 11 packs a punch with its incredible camera which comes equipped with an A.I 16MP front camera, and a 13MP + 2MP dual back camera which comes with an adjustable flash. Another impressive feature of the CAMON 11 camera is the A.I beautification effect- which means that users do not need to worry about making edits or putting the image through immense filter torture after taking them.

The smartphone comes equipped with a 3750mAh big battery that delivers uninterrupted performance no matter how long it is used. The device also boasts of a 6.2 inch notch display, A.I HDR, A.I Adjustable LED flashlights, A.I automatic scene and HiOS 4.1. With the CAMON 11 device, selfie lovers will enjoy an impressive high-end 16MP front camera that is as clear as day.

Other advanced features of the camon 11 are artificial intelligence software, face unlock, HDR mode, fingerprint, 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM, 2.0 GHz Octa-Core processor, AI beauty mode, call recording by fingerprint and animoji features which combines human expressions with 3D virtual expressions that can be saved and shared through your various social media platforms.
The Camon 11 also features a sleek and almost bezel-less design that matches its 6.2inch notch display, with an unparalleled level of functionality that delivers a stellar experience to the users.
All things considered, the TECNO CAMON 11 is an impressively compelling piece of smartphone tech and for the camera; therefore a user is sure to get more than what he/she bargained for.
Between the solid material design and build-quality, performance that swings above its price-bracket and slick software experience, the CAMON 11 is a smartphone that makes recommendation very easy.
On the aspect of its pricing, the TECNO CAMON 11 is surely a steal especially because of all the unique features the device flaunts, and for anyone looking for a device that gives that premium quality aesthetics and advanced camera feature, the TECNO CAMON 11 is probably the way to go.


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