Business response to Coronavirus

The recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has impacted businesses all over the world. Facebook is committed to supporting the fight against coronavirus, and has launched a focused effort to provide help to businesses like yours. In the guide below you’ll find resources and
recommendations to help ensure you’re equipped with
the right tools and are able to communicate in the right away with your customers.

Keep yourself safe and informed

Stay up to date on the situation by monitoring official sources like WHO and your local government health
department. It’s important to stay informed of any developments so you can respond quickly to changes that may affect you or your business.

Highlights Important announcements.

To proactively inform and educate your customers, consider creating an announcement post on your website, Facebook Page or Instagram Business Profile. You can pin important announcements to the top of your Facebook Page for ease of viewing.

Your post might include information about the measures you’re taking to make your premises and products safe, as well as your approach to handling customer queries during this period. You can convey such information across various
communication channels, including
eDM and push notifications.

Business response to Coronavirus

Consider alternative channels.

In case you should need to postpone or cancel any planned events as a result of the outbreak, you could consider using alternative channels for hosting or facilitating these events, while still keeping your
customers engaged. For example, you could turn a physical workshop into an online webinar, or social media channels to organise live sessions. Learn more about hosting a Live session on Facebook or Instagram.

Respond to customer service queries

Equip your customer service team with guidelines and resources on how to best handle queries. Consider drafting template responses across eDM, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct and any other communication channel where your business has a presence.

It’s vital to be responsive and to provide your customers with visibility and transparency during this period. Handling a high volume of inquiries whilst ensuring responses are timely and accurate is key. Learn more about managing Direct Messages on Instagram Direct, setting up your presence on Messenger and creating a WhatsApp
Business profile.

Consider what information your customers will be seeking.

For retail companies it may be about their orders; for events and travel businesses it may relate to cancellations; and for gyms, educational centres and other establishments that host groups, the information may be about refunds and membership pauses.

Provide clarity through FAQs

It’s a good idea to think about questions you’re likely to be asked and to prepare FAQ responses that provide as much
visibility and reassurance as possible. We’ve compiled some
common FAQs that may be applicable across industries:

Q: Can I cancel my order (e.g travel
tickets / educational programmes /
gym memberships)?

A: Of course. As part of calibrated
responses to the evolving situation,
authorities are considering applying
additional measures to reduce human￾to-human interactions, such as
cancelling mass gatherings, suspending
schools, and paring down non-essential
care services. In line with these efforts,
we will cancel your order / reschedule
or cancel your trip / pause your
membership on request.

Q: Is it safe to receive a package from
any area where COVID-19 has been

A: Yes. The likelihood of an infected
person contaminating commercial goods
is low and the risk of catching the virus
that causes COVID-19 from a package that
has been moved, travelled, and exposed
to different conditions and temperature
is also low. (Source: WHO Q&A on
coronaviruses (COVID-19)).


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