How To Make The Best Of Your Brand

Making the best of your brand is not a hard knot to crack. It’s disheartening managing a business or trying to grow a brand without success. I understand how you feel because I’ve been there.

Building confidence

Let’s take a walk down Goddey’s personal experience.

In 2014 I published my 2nd book with an intriguing caption “Don’t give up, there is still Hope”. I was cock sure the book should sell like sachet water but I forgot that a good product would stare at itself if you don’t first market it.

After a while I turned to rugged marketing as a alternative. I decided to go from one Lagos car park in Awka to another. My strategy was to preach some encouraging message to them in order to make sales.

I was certain the strategy would work perfectly well. I practised with my friend how I will go about it and as early as 6am, I was on my way to the car park.

But unfortunately, as soon as I passed parktonia hotel going towards unizik junction, I lost my confidence.

I tried going for almost a week, but my legs couldn’t get me to unizik junction and behold the proud author of “Don’t give up” finally gave up the idea. Very many of us are in that shoe. That is a friend’s story.

Many of us are in this situation with great products… You know your target audience but has lost confidence.
Answer these questions

Are you committed to the success of your brand or just up for the cash?
How badly do you wish to excel?
How badly do you need brand expansion?

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Tired of loosing out in the brand game?

One tip to build your confidence

Decide! Make a decision to deal with fear and shyness
Great things in life starts from decision. The day you make a solid decision to be more confident, you will be very moved to take the right actions.

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What’s your drive? Money or passion?

Here’s another of Godday’s experience.

After my graduation from the university in 2017, I co-founded Recyclepro Innovation, a waste management company based in Awka with my friends in November 2017.

The company was just at its baby stage, we were seriously investing and there was no financial support from home as before when I was still a student and there were lots of bills to pay.

At a time, I decided to live the business and travel to Port-Harcourt where my people based. Then I took up a marketing job in LG electronic company. Though I was a little bit comfortable at this moment because some of the burdens had reduced, but I was dying slowly.

One morning, I asked myself, what should I consider in building my brand, money or passion? Many entrepreneurs may be facing the same challenge I faced.
I have worked for money and I have worked for passion.

When I worked for money, I thought it was the practical thing to do. I was miserable but put up with it. Bills had to be paid and after all… jobs ain’t supposed to be fun anyway. Right?

Today I’m fortunate to work in a vocation and career that is 100% attuned to my Passion.
Selecting a career predominantly based on money considerations can be a huge mistake
Not only would the person be enslaved to money but would also ignore their true calling.

Still on Godday’s story…

For me as a beginner I split the decision into 40% Money, 60% passion because you need money to sustain yourself and keep your passion moving.

Your passion will over ride your financial status. It will feed you when you are hungry. It will show you what it means to start from the bottom.

It will take you on a terrifying yet oddly satisfying journey. It will force you to become one of the best at what you do. Those who are passionate enough will get their reward later in abundance.

If you have found what you are passionate about be consistent in it.
You could still take up a job, continue education but keep your passion in mind. Go out explore things related to your passion. Increase your knowledge and if you find it as a right time, quit the job follow your dream.

In order words, if you want to build up something significant and gain exponential rewards from it, chances are you should be looking at a steadier course which might mean longer hours and low pay but which will allow you to harvest later in life and with more meaningful bounties rather than right way.

Do what you love and success will be effortless.

Ocheme Goddey
Career coach


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