Brand budgeting

Brand development just got easier especially when the Mayor of Branding, Gidyon Thompson, has over time shared from his wealth of experience.

Grab a drink, let’s slide through his excerpts

Your personal brand is what you want people to think about you”
That’s the bullshit thinking about personal branding
that we’ve allowed to persist for a long time.
Your personal brand is not your alter ego. It’s not ”the thing” you want people to think about you. If we are considering packaging then that definition will suffice but if it is branding it has to be your reality.
Your personal brand is the sum of people’s perception of you. Your reality, your story. It’s not something you make up, a facade, no, it’s your reality.

The people who promote the ”creating a thing people should think about” thinking, lay emphasis on the outward expressions of a brand and demand you aim towards mass appeal, so they tell you to ”dress with suit and tie” ”order your social media in a certain way” ”talk in a certain way ”, intentional living is amazing but if is not authentic then it’s not your personal brand.

Your personal brand must start from the point of total self awareness, then you consciously and consistently deploy your truth across all touch points. Your tribe will find you, love you and accept you.

Brand budgeting

A versatile brand isn’t always changing, it’s responsive to change. It’s not an ever changing revamp, it adapts without compromising its foundation beliefs or principles. It does not align itself to the competition, it leverages its differences and aligns itself with the right consumers.

A versatile brand is always observing, and innovation is it’s best friend. The Chameleon doesn’t stop being a Chameleon because it adapts to a new environment.


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What your consumers say and what they mean are oftentimes two different things. Pay attention to what’s really being said. Margo Aaron captures this idea brilliantly in her discussion of how the best marketers read minds:

She says: “I try to cook 3x a week. I just don’t have time.

Untrained ear hears: “She’s busy. She really wants to be healthier. We need to emphasize convenience and low-cal in our marketing

Brand budgeting
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Trained ears hear: “She wants to cook because she thinks she should, but honestly she doesn’t give AF. It’s not a priority for her.

She just feels guilty about how much she orders take out. She’d be happier if she allowed herself to not feel like shit about how much she orders out.”

  • Jasmine Bina

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Great branding is a complete experience being served the way the consumers will find relevant, and the way that is original to the business or individual. Key word from that will be ”complete experience”. For branding to work, it must engage all human sensory channels. Because we create meaning of the world by our senses. Therefore, as a consumer confronts similar signals from all sensory channels, he builds a perception that is experience based and relevant to the expectation of the business or individual.

We all agree that visuals, or maybe more strictly motion pictures, are the future of content creation. Very many predictions and data based feedbacks is pointing towards that reality. Which is why organisations are setting up motion pictures content stations. In fact, Apple, one of the worlds biggest brands, is investing heavily in motion pictures.

As we prepare to offer sizzling visual experience using motion pictures, as as well pay keen attention to the different aspects of motion pictures development, I’ll suggest we pay a great deal of attention to the audio.

”The power of music and sound transcends language, culture and all things visual, which makes sonic branding a huge part of the promotional game for many companies”

Brand budgeting
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For example, anyone anywhere in the world can hear the simple tune ”tana na na, ta na na na, tana na na, na” and immediately think Nokia. Brands needs to explore the amazing effect of sonic branding. Recently Mastercard spent heavily in designing a sonic identity for their brand, a step in the right direction.

The sound design can be used as part of ads development, tv show signature tune for the brand, and every other time music is needed to promote or introduce the brand.

To develop a great sound design for sonic branding, pay attention to 3 factors.

Who your brand target audiences are, and what music type of music they listen to. You want to use data to find that out.

Avoid trending sounds bits, and try to work with the brand overall strategy instead. Trends will pass, and your sound will become obsolete if it was trendy.

Try to make it short and memorable. Like the Nokia tone. Or define a short abstraction of it, like the champions league anthem.

Offer the same quality of experience to the ears with sonic identity as the eyes with visual identity.

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