Customer Care Relationship

It is much easier making more sales with an existing customer than to a new prospect with a percentage of 70% to 30%.

Growing customer relationship

  1. Grow a community of brand ambassadors through social media and offline engagement with people.
  2. Build relationship with your customers. Communicate with them discovering their needs and how they desire your services. An SMS / mail of appreciation would go a long way of bringing that customer on demands the next time. Season greetings and anniversary / birthday texts is also a good option. Your small or big enterprise can try that too.
  3. Be sincere to your customers. Tell them the truth about your product, its quality and guarantee. No one returns to places where they were cheated and bad comments spread faster than good commendations. If your customers are having issues with your product, be honest in your responses and don’t make promises you can’t keep.
  4. Have a data analysis of your customers, focusing on customer retention and automating sales. Communication channels which include website, email, live chat, social media, SMS / call should be properly utilised. Understand that your customers are your most valuable assets.
  5. Know the names and faces of your regular customers especially when starting small.
  6. Set strategic ideas for dealing with uncouth and unhappy customers.



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