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New Abia Law Against Marriage Without Blood/Genotype Test

blood/genotype test important? Yay
Hey! I found this interesting information and decided to share…
The new Abia law against marriage without blood/genotype has got lips wagging. Over times, we see two individuals joined together in marriage without sticking to certain medical principles.
We do know it’s not advisable for two people with AS to get married because they would be putting their children at risk of survival, as well as the many medical expenses that accompanies it.

Barrister Chidinma Alozie, a top female lawyer and state chairman of the International Federation of Women Lawyers, is of the opinion that thorough implementation of the new Abia State Blood Group and Genotype Law would definitely reduce incidences of sickle cell disease.

As a guest on “Half Hour of Hope” on BCA Radio program, Barrister Alozie said the provisions of the law stipulates that every Abian must for for a medical test for the sickle cell gene and blood group.

According to Mrs. Alozie, the implementation of the law will have positive economic implications for Abians as monetary losses incurred by families of SS patients in the course of catering for their medical well being will be eliminated.

Furthermore, Abia State will have more healthy people to offer more productivity in the civil service and around other sectors because of reduction in healthcare investmentĀ  for sickle cell patients while productivity and manpower will not be lost as result of sick-leave of most pertinently SS patients.

Mrs. Alozie also emphasized on the emotional torture suffered by patients and families of SS patients also will be eliminated. She however called for an amendment to the bill to provide for discrimination and stigmatization of sickle cell patients.

Explicating the implementation of the law, Barrister Alozie said institutions like churches and marriage registries as well as parents who conduct marriage ceremonies without first confirming the genotype and blood group of the couple will be punishable under law.

Hospitals that fail to give accurate genotype results will also be punishable under law.
The law also stipulates that all Abians must inscribe their blood group and genotype on their identification cards in order not to run afoul of the law.
The big question? What’s your genotype and that of your proposed spouse?
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