Best Backup Software For Your PC 

I bet you have been trying a lot of ways to have your file safe, struggling with space or even issues of crashed documents due to poor backup.

Here comes the ultimate solution without doubt, the AOMEI BACKUPPER is the best PC backup to save you from all the challenges of low storage space, proper file partitioning and the likes.

This BACKUPPER offers you almost a hitch free usage of your PC in relation to the encumbrances mentioned.

It is a recovery software, that allows you to backup your files, folders, system drives and restore them…(be sure to see this as a disk clone). It permits you to partition your files, create a boot able disk and back up dynamic disk volume and other lots of amazing features that makes it unique from other back up software.
Remember you do not even require an advanced system care installer to use this amazing back up software.

Are you still in doubt about this back up software?

Here are top reasons why you should install this back up application

The file synchronisation system is lovely with just about few steps, your files can be synchronised in real-time due to its advanced features. Once you have this back up app, click on the file sync located within the back up tab, next you select the add folder icon in other to add file to sync and then select your destination part, finally click on start sync to complete file synchronisation process in few minutes. Isn’t that so easy?

That’s not all studies show that this application through test have proven itself different from other apps in terms of its speed in data compression, in one back up set this application is capable of compressing data worth 9.67% which in average is over 12% in relation to other back up software you know, making this application highly effective in terms of compression and CPU usage.

Did I mention that for the novice users this app is very simple to use since it contains just five tabs which is the home, back up, restore, clone and utilities with only four steps required to back up your files and seven steps to retrieve the files.

Finally statistics from other I.T developers shows that this application received a B+ when compared to other data backup software.
Get yourself an AOMEI back up software, tested to be the best of its kind!

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