Attend A Free Popcorn Online Training

Popcorn business is one lucrative business without a massive startup capital demand. This may be the business just right to top up your finances. Learn for free today.

SammixFries is a company that deal’s on over 20 snacks, beverages and confectioneries.

We are known for professional branding, selling of products( offline/online), running of online/offline training, production of snacks for individuals, groups and occasions. Giving of seasonal prizes and lots more.
We sell to both upper, middle and lower class.

The FREE popcorn training is a means of saying a big thank you to all our customers and fans all over the world.

This class comes with so many benefit’s such as:
* Learning how to make a delicious popcorn.
* You will be taught on how to start up a popcorn business with as low as 5000.

This particular training is at no cost.

We also organise training on all other part of our product at a very cheaper rate.
1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1 month, 3 months.

We do home deliveries, office deliveries, collective and individual training as well.

We are professionals and we are registered.

Join the training via whatsapp. Click


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