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How To Make Money From Art Works

Art works? Yah!

Have you paid attention to the recent diverse trends in the arts community?

In response to the saying “Arts is the life wire of nature”, artists have been investing a lot into their community and Aba is proud to have one of the versatile arts enterprises of our time, within her environs.

I bet you’ve got no idea about this amazing enterprise in Aba, so you might want to read through to get adequately informed.

We have recently discovered a publicity company in Aba, whose bedrock is arts. It’s no other than Bencon Publicity Nigeria.

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Bencon Publicity Nigeria, is an artsitic venture borne out of a young man’s passion for creating beautiful things. Bencon Publicity Nigeria was founded in the year 2010 by a young man named Elijah Ben Okafor.

Coming from a family of artists, Elijah didn’t have a hard time falling in love with everything arts.


During a brief interview with him, he was asked what inspired him and he said “I love seeing beautiful things; images, creation etc. So I thought of how to enhance my skills as an artist and that’s how I started my company.

art works in Aba

Bencon Publicity Nigeria is an enterprise that is all about arts, printing, engraving and general merchandise. Over the years, Bencon Publicity Nigeria has taken on jobs and contracts of individuals, companies and organisations who have desired quality works. Delivering nothing but the best, Elijah has managed to rise above limits to be one of the
most sought after creative artists in and outside the city of Aba.

With the use of the Newherm Engraving Machine, Bencon Publicity Nigeria carries out and perfects the artistic engraving on plastic marbles,tiles,woods etc.

Bencon Publicity Nigeria is amazingly different because it has created man avenue for raising stars. Quite a good number of young people have been trained by the founder, Elijah Ben Okafor and his teammates over the years,and this is all because the young artist believes in supporting others.

Bencon Publicity Nigeria is located at 164 Jubilee road, Aba, Abia State and has a vision of making a huge impact in the world of artistry both within and outside Nigeria. Its vision statement is “creating a world where you think and see it come to pass”.

Our society is full of beautiful things which only creative minds can call to life. Do you have a passion to think and create? Then identify with Bencon Publicity Nigeria today and live out your dreams.



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