ARM based Mac

Apple may release its first ARM-based laptop without an Intel processor as early as next year, according to Ming-Chi Kuo analyst KGI Securities’ famous. Kuo, who often correctly announces Apple’s trends, said the new Mac will come sometime in the next 18-18 months, and will be an internal processor that Intel has not developed.

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Kuo made a similar announcement in 2018, after several news releases about two years ago, said Apple was removing Intel CPUs to focus on their own processors based on ARM architecture. So it looks like the original Kuo prediction will be version 2021.

Apple has never fully confirmed Intel’s intentions to quit the Mac CPU, but key job submissions and hires over the last few years have enthusiastically expressed their intentions to build chips and laptops, just like they did with the iPhone. This can reduce dependency on third parties. ARM is the basis for Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone custom chips. The company has worked with the ARM design department to strengthen its plans to create aggressive internal components for employees.


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