The business world is fast developing and entrepreneurs are changing with the times, developing strategies and birthing influential products.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness seem like an elusive, fleeting dream for many people globally. Especially for the youths of Africa, the majority of whom do not see any hope at the end of the tunnel. Many were born and raised with no significant positive change in their living environments (education, health, food, and finance). Their dreams look so far away that it is practically none existent.

With this past and present for African youth, what hope is there for a better future? As an African, I am excited to tell you that I see a lot of hope on the horizon. Even though we need to work harder to reach it. First, as individuals, we need to rethink how we can begin the process of recapturing and restoring our African dreams.

The paramount question is how we can shift our minds to begin to recreate compelling futures for ourselves. According to the ward winner Economist ‘Paul Zane Pilzer’ in his book ‘The Next Millionaires’, there were more millionaires created during the great depression than at any other time in history. So, with the right mindset, there are great opportunities to create new lives of prosperity during difficult times.

Be part of this business summit scheduled for 13th March, 2019 in the Federal University of Technology, Owerri.


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