Aba Tech ecosystem may not be that which you’d wish to embrace, but our story would sure stick in your mind.

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow and that tomorrow is here. It has become extremely obvious that everything is almost done with technology. It’s nearly difficult finding a brand that doesn’t use technology.

“You don’t have to be scared of the computers! You just need to convert it’s usefulness to revenue” – Desire Kings

Aba is a virgin land but very productive. It’s not just the economic hub of Nigeria, it’s swiftly becoming the number one tech spot in South East and will soon be the Silicon Valley of Nigeria.

Story Story!
How it Started… Aba hub tour

Dressed in my attractive white T-shirt branded with Desireblog and a blue jean trouser, I stood stylishly taking selfies looking all cute, when they walked up to me.

Aba hub tour

So we got networking, they were excited to meet a female tech blogger. The shocking news came when I revealed that I’m from Aba. Then the questions came rolling.

“Are there tech hubs in Aba?”
“Are there tech enthusiasts and experts in Aba?”
“How do tech enthusiasts and experts survive in Aba with the poor infrastructure?”

What’s the tech ecosystem like in Aba?

And on and on… That happened at StartupSouth5.

I swivelled my way through answering convincingly. But then I said to myself, that’s just my own story. Aba tech enthusiasts and experts should tell their own story too.

So I brought the project home to my team at Desireblog, we extended it to Aba Bloggers Cabal and we began the Aba hub tour, interviewing the tech enthusiasts, experts and hub founders. It was an interesting experience.

We can build just about anything great with tech right here in Aba! We’ve built Mobile Apps like Inaaga, Chooya and many more, websites, compelling graphics designs and lots of software solutions.

Aba hub tour

Aba Hubs

We have eight hubs in Aba.
Innovation Growth Hub : We live in the heart of Africa’s SME capital with the one goal of using technology to support businesses and empower the communities where we are found in to thrive economically.

RAD5 Tech Hub : This is a thriving technology innovation and co-creation hub in Aba tech ecosystem.

With the mission to actively promote the economic growth of Africa through technology education and entreprenuership that is consistent, scalable, affordable, and accessible to over 20 million young persons within the Niger Delta and Southeast Nigeria.

LearnFactory Nigeria : We are a technology and innovation centre for aspiring tech entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and creative people to meet, learn, showcase their ideas and work together towards solving social and business needs using homegrown technology and solutions.

Vision Ace Hub : This is a multi-dimensional, coworking/learning facility geered towards providing tech solutions with a platform that serves as a training ground where ideas are turned into working and profitable business.

Ashpot : An experienced tech company that can develop websites, power a new startup and give it all the technical support the website needs while you run your business.

Clintonel Innovation Center : Is a STEM center. We build skills in Computer aided design (CAD), Computer aided manufacturing (CAM) and Renewable (Solar) energy. Technology Incubation; We support inventors, scientists and engineers to develop new products. 3D Printing; We transform peoples ideas into real physical objects.

Spark Hub : This is a hub of innovative brands suitable and verified for local communities. Check out our services via panafricanspark.org

IIHub : Inspired Innovation Hub is a tech lab established for all tech ethusiasth to learn, network and grow while working in a free work space with mentorship guide on top software skills.

This will run as series till we tell everyone’s story. Keep your eyes glued to this space. The Aba tech ecosystem is growing swiftly. #abahubtour



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