Aba Hub Tour Interview With Learn factory Nigeria.
CEO: Mr. Chibueze Ukaegbu

Tell us a story of how learn factory Nigeria started?
Being in the circle of tech people in Lagos, I found out that there were all South-Eastern but nothing “techy” was happening in the south East, it became a burden to me. After I worked with a federal company on a project I resigned and decided to come home, cause I was born here in Aba.

On 2014 I came after some researches. Learn factory started official on January 2015, it was quite challenging but the passion kept on driving me. The whole of 2015 I had just one student.

By 2016 we grew to 3 students training on software development and programming. We kept growing till we started teaching kids to code and between 2016-2018 we trained about 10,000 children on coding for free.

During the period we started, on two occasions all my staffs resigned the same day,I closed down the hub for a week, then hired new staffs to start again.

In 2018 I decided to try a new thing, we advance our program started a 3 months internship then we increased it to 6 months and it was for free. Then we had 20 students but none from Aba. 20 intern started but 12 finished the program because it was really interned 10 hours a day and 6days a week. From the 12 that finished we employed 6.

We give out quality training so much that none of our graduate has ever gone for a tech interview and failed. we make sure we supply them with enough resource both accommodation for those coming from outside Aba.

Currently, for our staff we make sure we involve them in lots of volunteer work and right now we work with 50 schools. Recently we trained 5,000 kids and we involve our staff in training these kids plus they get paid.

The last training we did won the Google impact and then we used the

fund raised to build 15 computer labs for schools and also we train school computer teachers in different schools, we started up a community in schools to help build a coding community.

Taxation is one of the biggest challenge in Aba. Including poor power supply, internet, infrastructural issue and Security challenges.

What’s the goodnews about Abia tech ecosystem?
This is the right time to invest in Aba, even when the infrastructure is bad, tech labour is cheaper than Lagos and the cost of living is low.
For companies in Lagos now is the best time for out-sourcing and making investment in tech companies in Aba cause gradually we will start getting costly too.

Mr. Chibueze’s partner, Mr olawere who is from Edo state, and a former banker also engaged in the interview.
Wondering why a banker would resign to join a tech company? Enjoy an amazing ride!

Why did you agree to leave your banking job for technology?
First is trust, the trust I have for Mr chibueze. Secondly work and job are two different things. Work is for a life time but job is for a short while.

Also I love anywork that has to do with developing people, I believing in seeing you tomorrow a better person than today, I enjoy capacity building, banking wasn’t a work for me but a job then when I found a work who is something I enjoyed doing I got cutup and decided to resign banking job.

Hear from learn factory Nigeria interns
Name: commander Onoriode
From Delta State
A website developer who registered for 6 months internship.

How do you see Aba environment in relation to tech?
it’s a city moving rapidly in tech and they are improving.
What are your challenges?
Poor electricity supply

Second intern
Name: kelechi Mbaweike Francis
From imo state
A web developer/ JavaScript

How is Aba environment in regards to technology?
I grew up in Aba, back then Aba had little or no knowledge of tech but right now, tech companies are really growing from Aba, it wasn’t like this before but now we have so many start-ups from Aba and technology in Aba is really improving. With this I believe that 5years from now Aba would take over Lagos as the silicon Vally.

Third intern
Idongesit Bassey
A web developer from Akwa ibom

Why come down to Aba to acquire Tech skills?
I was looking for something better and a different experience, which I got that here in Aba. Learn factory is Amazing, there instructors are friendly and knowledgeable. It’s been amazing so far.

What’s your take about technology in Aba?
With the way Aba is growing in the tech sector, it’s going to take over Lagos very soon.
What are your challenges?
Poor power supply.

There are lots of interesting stories and experiences from other tech enthusiasts and experts in Aba. Remember, no graduate from Learn factory can fail any tech interview!


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