7 Branding Agencies in Nigeria Positioning African Businesses for Global Relevance.

7 Nigerian brand development and management agencies that are changing the way branding services are bought in Africa.

Though branding as a practice has been around for a long while, until recently, most Nigerian entrepreneurs have not really given attention to this marketing communications practice.

While a large part of the African public still consider branding as mere packaging, intended to confuse the unaware consumer, branding had taken root in most western countries both in practice and learning.

This is why, it becomes pertinent to celebrate few agencies putting efforts into helping change the narrative around Africa. Getting Africans to understand, appreciate and patronise brand development services in a bid to better the way African entrepreneurs do business. This list is inexhuastive and in no particular order.

1. Alder Consulting

Regarded as one of Africa’s first brand intelligence agency. Alder consulting founded by Leke Alder, a veteran Nigerian management and marketing proffesional has done so much in the areas of brand education and brand development for Africa’s leading brands. The agency’s promise is intelligent solutions to everyday brand and business problems in any industry.


2. Arden and Newton BMC

Arden and Newton are strong believers that Africa will become first world someday, and they are building brands in light of that narrative. Arden and Newton’s passion for investment conferences and Reporting African business through their sub brand Nerve Africa is indicative of the unwavering commitment to branding Africa.


3. Gr8an
With an invented brand name that literally mean “greater than” , one can only guess how great their involvement is in moving African Brand Forward. Gr8an is Built on the philosophy of pulling together tiny parts of a business into a large story till the business become so big.

Working with businesses in the banking, beverage, and Creative industry, gr8an have exhibited their commitment to building a greater Africa, greater than the present narrative, one African business at a time.


4. EllaeCreative

Ellaecreative is a Multi Award winning brand development and communications Agency commited to the changing the way creatives connect and collaborate. Ellaecreative holds firm its belief that brands across the world even African brands can be better relevant to society if only they invested so much in human or personal branding, which will improve the quality of their teams and ultimately affect the quality of their results. Collaboration within and among businesses will become more productive when everyone comes into the collaborative situation with a solid brand. If Collaboration is the new way for Africa to go, then ellaecreative is an agency to be celebrated.


5. Yox Novero

Started by a designer whose alias is Yox, and popular for giving 36 logos to the 36 states of Nigeria in 2017. Yox Novero is positioned to help people move their ideas across several stages to launching into the market and staying relevant in the market. Considered as the entrepreneur’s partner Yox Novero is helping more entrepreneurs come into the market by applying brand thinking to their process.


6. eikon grae

Considered as one of the newest branding agencies in Africa, eikon grae is believed to be stepping in to distrupt the way branding services is bought across Africa particularly in the SME Market.
eikon grae, is heavily rooted in the idea that for more people to understand, appreciate and buy branding services in Africa, the concepts, process, and approach to brand development should be simplified. This is built on the belief that the African branding Consumer is not fully literate, therefore branding like every other service should be made simple enough so that it can become relateable enough.


7. Mapemond Resources

Started in 2008 with the aim of helping more local businesses and organisations in Africa adopt branding as a means of standardising their processes as well as preserving their uniqueness, Mapemond Resources has journeyed past 10 years and is still doing so much for African Brands.

Mapemond Resources, sharing almost same philosophical perspective as Arden and Newton is consciously changing the business scope of Africa but providing solutions that are relevant for the African Market.



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