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10 Essential Qualities of Great Content Marketing Managers

1. They love to write: This one goes without saying, but it’s a BIG deal. And remember, “writing” online isn’t just about fancy words. It’s about clean communication—done in a way so that just about any reader can understand what’s being said. As I always say, great writers and communicators don’t try to sound smart, which is never the goal of content marketing. Rather, they seek “communion,” and it’s this quality that makes them great.

2. They are skilled at editing: When companies leverage their existing employees to produce textual and video content (in-sourcing), the initial product can at times be “rough”. But great content managers can take what is a “5” in terms of quality and make it a “9” or “10”—doing their best to make the original source as clear and concise as possible for the reader.

3. They have excellent interview skills: This is HUGE. Because in-sourcing is such a big deal these days, subject matter experts are spread out all over companies, big and small. A great content marketing manager understands how to sit down with these people (and vendors as well) and ask the right questions to stimulate content that teaches, helps, and informs readers.

4. They embrace social media and “get it:” It goes without saying that social media is here to stay. Furthermore, it goes without saying those people that “don’t like” social media tend not to do incredible things when trying to build traffic, leads and sales through said media

5. They have solid video editing skills: Video just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Video is way more important than text when it comes to producing a heavy amount of content while attempting to utilise employees, especially those persons in the sales department.

6. They are extremely likeable: Well, amongst the many reasons some content creators are wildly successful has to do with their likeability factor. When it comes down to it, unlikable people make AWFUL content marketing managers.

7. They understand what makes people tick: Again, when it comes to using employees as sources of content, knowing how to get said employees motivated and inspired is critical. This is exactly why the best CCOs know how to push the right buttons and get their employees the needed “boost” to contribute to the company’s marketing and sales goals.

8. They are organised and goal oriented: Content marketing, especially when done in businesses of any size, needs to have order. This starts with a main editorial calendar and continues with newsletters, training, interviews, etc.

9. They love analytics, numbers, and measurement: As I’ve worked so closely to so many business owners and marketers on the content marketing over the last few years, I keep seeing a simple trend: Those persons that pay attention to the numbers get way more results. This is also why a content marketing manager eventually needs to be skilled with not just Google Analytics, but also other tools, like a HubSpot, Infusionsoft, etc.

10. They are constantly thinking outside the box: Look around at the greatest content marketing examples and I’ll show you creativity and unique thinking every time. Fact is, the best ones in this industry aren’t looking for a set of “rules” or a “road map” that tells them exactly what they need to do next. Instead, we just get stuff done, however they possibly can, and often with some serious creativity acting as the catalyst to success.

So those are 10 qualities we’ve found that make a great content marketing manager but now I’d love to hear your thoughts. What else would you add to the list? And have you been part of a successful content marketing manager hire before? Tell us about the experience.


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