7 Things I Learnt from Being a First-Time Entrepreneur

It’s time to rekindle that dream and make your mark into the world. Here are seven things you’ll learn in becoming a first-time entrepreneur. Do your market research The first thing is...
Phone brands

NCC Has released An Approved List Of 1,492 Phone Brands For Use In...

Nigeria’s mobile phone market has grown rapidly in recent years as a result of competition from competing mobile phone brands to provide decent and affordable mobile phones to users...
Customer experience

4 Unique Ways To Give Your Customers Unforgettable Customer Experience

Today, 67% of shoppers say that their level of good experience is higher than ever, making their customer experience more competitive than ever. If you think...

She Decides Nigeria launch To hold In March 2020

Shedecides Nigeria is set to hold lunch on 27th - 28 March 2020 Grab a drink let's chat BACKGROUND
Business partner

Mercy Wave Has Just Been Honored Business Partner Of Blissbody Leggings

Before one can be considered a brand ambassador, he must have been tried, tested and proven worthy of that office. Grab a drink, let's chat!
Mercy wave Conglomerate

See How Mercy Wave Conglomerate, Awards University Scholarships.

It is no longer news that Nigerians have been subjected to relentless pangs of Poverty, Unemployment, Insecurity, Bad Governance and Fund Scarcity to pursue their Entrepreneurial dreams and a...

Cybersquatting: What You Should Know.

Has your brand ever experienced cybersquatting or something close? Have you ever thought of a domain name only to find out someone already got it?

Top Tips On Emails , That Can Boost B2B Sales

Email marketing is not dead or dying. In fact, statistics indicate that they are very successful. According to an upcoming infographic published by Blue Mail Media,...
HubSpot for startups

How Hubspot Works For Startups

HubSpot has historically been known for being a great platform for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and has recently expanded its capabilities and tools to suit mid-market and larger-scale...
Conversation Rate Optimization technology

Conversation Rate Optimization For Retailers

Conversation Rate Optimization (CRO) is a deadline for all techniques that have the same goal: Increase the proportion of visitors to your site that will convert, with the...

B2B Content Marketing Plan For 2020

This is something about the pure side of a new month that I find interesting and phenomenal. Grab a drink, let's chat! There...